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Thursday, December 31, 2009

‘Ang Darling Kong Aswang’ Takes Lead on Day 3 of MMFF Box Office

Ang Darling Kong Aswang
Vic Sotto is undoubtedly the MMFF box-office king as his latest offering, “Ang Darling Kong Aswang” took the no. 1 slot from “Ang Panday” on Day 3 of the Metro Manila Film Festival.

“Aswang” and “Panday” are neck and neck at the box-office with less than P1 million difference as of Day 3. Shake Rattle and Roll XI is not far behind. Also inside the P30 million bracket is Star Cinema’s I Love You, Goodbye.

Expect changes in the next update specially that the awards night was held last Monday, the fourth day of the festival. Any of the top 4 films can still finish first place at the box-office when MMFF concludes next week.

35th Metro Manila Film Festival 3 day gross:

1. Ang Darling kong Aswang – P38,294 million pesos
2. Ang Panday – P37,439 million pesos
3. Shake, Rattle and Roll 11 – P35,845 million pesos
4. I Love you, goodbye – P30,710 million pesos
5. Nobody but nobody but Juan – P16,928 million pesos
6. Mano Po 6 – P16,428 million pesos
7. Wapakman – P1,717 million pesos

Total MMFF Gross as of Day 3: P177,361 million pesos


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sharon Wins 1st MMFF Best Actress Award, ‘Ang Panday’ Wins Best Picture

Mano Po 6
Sharon Cuneta has just won her very first Best Actress trophy at the Metro Manila Film Festival for her performance in Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love.

The role intended for Angel Locsin has won for Heart Evangelista the MMFF Best Supporting Actress award. Mano Po 6 also bagged the Best Director award for Joel Lamangan and the Antonio Villegas Cultural Award Best Picture.

Ang Panday, on the other hand, grabbed the Best Actor award for Bong Revilla, Best Supporting Actor award for Phillip Salvador, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Recording and 1st Best Picture.

Star Cinema’s I Love You, Goodbye won Best Cinematography, Best Film Editor, Best Story and 2nd Best Picture.

Here is the list of winners of the just-concluded awards night of the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival which was held at the SMX Convention Center a while ago:

Ang Panday (Imus Productions/GMA Films)

I Love You, Goodbye (Star Cinema)

Ang Darling Kong Aswang (Octoarts/APT Entertainment)

Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love (Regal Films)

Bong Revilla (Ang Panday)

Sharon Cuneta (Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love)

Phillip Salvador (Ang Panday)

Heart Evangelista (Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love)

Joel Lamangan (Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love)

Lee Meily (I Love You, Goodbye)

Manet Dayrit (I Love You, Goodbye)

Vanessa Valdez, Kriz Gazmen & Karen Ramos (I Love You, Goodbye)

Ang Panday

Ang Darling Kong Aswang

Ang Panday

Shake, Rattle and Roll XI

“Ang Panday” (Ang Panday) by Ogie Alcasid

Mano Po 6

Robert “Buboy” Villar (Ang Panday)



For the Best Festival Picture, the criteria are: Artistry, creativity and technical excellence, innovativeness and global appeal (40%), Box-office performance based on the first three days, from Dec. 25-27 (50%), and Filipino, cultural and/or historical value (10%).

Criteria for Best Festival Performers: Naturalness and depth of acting (25%), proper timing and clear interaction with other performers (25%), consistency of characterization (25%), and logical and effective depiction/projection of the role being portrayed (25%).

Criteria for Best Festival Direction: Effective interpretation of screenplay into film (20%), appropriate pacing of the story and creative camera works (20%), proper motivation of performers (20%), continuity of overall production value (20%), and global competitiveness and entertainment value (20%).

Criteria for Best Festival Screenplay: Creative development of story concept (50%), global appeal and competitiveness (25%), and originality of style (25%).

Criteria for Best Festival Story: Originality of concept and development (20%), social, cultural and ethical values (20%), global acceptability/entertainment (20%), imaginative and credible characterization (20%), and extra-ordinary appeal (20%).

Criteria for Festival Visual Effect: Global competitiveness (25%), creative visual execution and original interpretation (25%), appropriateness and consistency (25%), and precision of timing of computer graphic projection (25%).

Criteria for Best Festival Editing: Logical, effective or smooth pacing of scenes (25%), consistency of flow of story (25%), creativity (25%), and global competitiveness (25%).

Criteria for Best Festival Cinematography: Creative camera movements and lighting (25%), global competitiveness (25%), effective visual impact (25%), and appropriateness and consistency of camera works (25%).

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

MMFF Best Actress Winners from 1975 to 2008

nora aunor
Find out who was the most awarded recipient of the MMFF Best Actress
Award with 7 wins…

She’s none other than Superstar Nora Aunor. Ate Guy grabbed the MMFF Best Actress trophy in 1978 for Atsay (Best Performer), 1979 for Ina Ka ng Anak Mo, 1982 for Himala, 1984 for Bulaklak ng City Jail, 1990 for Andrea Paano Ba ang maging Isang Ina?, 1991 for Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M., and in 1995 for Muling Umawit ang Puso.

MMFF Best Actress Winners from 1975 to 2008

1975 – Charito Solis (Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi)
1976 – Hilda Koronel (Insiang)
1977 – Vilma Santos (Burlesk Queen)
1978 – Nora Aunor (Atsay) – BEST PERFORMER AWARDEE
1979 – Nora Aunor tied with Lolita Rodriguez (Ina Ka ng Anak Mo)
1980 – Amy Austria (Brutal)
1981 – Vilma Santos (Karma)
1982 – Nora Aunor (Himala)
1983 – Coney Reyes-Mumar (Bago Kumalat ang Kamandag)
1984 – Nora Aunor (Bulaklak ng City Jail)
1985 – Vivian Velez (Paradise Inn)
1986 – Liza Lorena (Halimaw sa Banga}
1987 – Melanie Marquez (The Untold Story of Melanie Marquez)
1988 – Amy Austria (Bubbles: Ativan Gang Queen)
1989 – Vilma Santos (Imortal)
1990 – Nora Aunor (Andrea, Paano ba ang Maging Isang Ina?)
1991 – Nora Aunor (Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M.)
1992 – Kimberly Diaz (Alyas Kanto Boy)
1993 – Dawn Zulueta (Kung Mawawala Ka Pa)
1994 – Gina Alajar (Shake Rattle and Roll 5)
1995 – Nora Aunor (Muling Umawit Ang Puso)
1996 – Amy Austria (Trudis Liit)
1997 – Maricel Soriano (Nasaan ang Puso?)
1998 – Alice Dixson (Sa Ngalan ng Ama)
1999 – Elizabeth Oropesa (Bulaklak ng Maynila)
2000 – Gloria Romero (Tanging Yaman)
2001 – Assunta de Rossi (Hubog)
2002 – Ara Mina (Mano Po)
2003 – Maricel Soriano (Filipinas)
2004 – Vilma Santos (Mano Po 3: My Love)
2005 – Zsazsa Padilla (Ako Legal Wife, Mano Po 4)
2006 – Judy Ann Santos (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo)
2007 – Maricel Soriano (Bahay Kubo, The Pinoy Mano Po)
2008 – Anne Curtis (Baler)

Sharon Cuneta has not won a single trophy in the history of Metro Manila Film Festival. Will her performance in Mano Po 6 produce the very first MMFF Best Actress trophy for the Megastar?


MMFF Best Actor Winners from 1975 to 2008

christopher de leon
In the past 34 years of Metro Manila Film Festival, one actor won the Best Actor award 8 times!

Veteran actor Christopher de Leon grabbed the Best Actor
trophy in the Metro Manila Film Festival for a whopping 8 times: In 1976 for the film Ganito Kami Noon, Paano na Kami Ngayon?, in 1982 for Haplos, in 1985 for God Save Me, in 1989 for Imortal, in 1997 for Nasaan ang Puso?, in 1999 for Bulaklak ng Maynila, in 2004 for Mano Po 3 and last year for Magkaibigan.

Christopher de Leon is in the running for Best Actor again this year for his role as Sharon Cuneta’s wife in Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love. Will it be his 9th MMFF trophy?

MMFF Best Actor Winners from 1975 to 2008

1975 – Joseph Estrada (Diligan Mo ng Hamog ang Uhaw na Lupa)
1976 – Christopher de Leon (Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?)
1977 – Rolly Quizon (Burlesk Queen)
1978 – NONE (only the BEST PERFORMER AWARD is given)
1979 – Raul Aragon (Ina ka ng anak mo)
1980 – Dindo Fernando (Langis at tubig)
1981 – Vic Silayan (Kisapmata)
1982 – Christopher de Leon (Haplos)
1983 – Anthony Alonzo (Bago Kumalat ang Kamandag)
1984 – Herbert Bautista (Shake, Rattle & Roll)
1985 – Christopher de Leon (God Save Me)
1986 – no winner
1987 – Anthony Alonzo (Anak badjao)
1988 – Baldo Marro (Patrolman)
1989 – Christopher de Leon (Imortal)
1990 – Dolphy (Espadang Patpat)
1991 – Eric Quizon (Juan Tamad at Mr. Shooli: Mongolian Barbecue)
1992 – Aga Muhlach (Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal)
1993 – Aga Muhlach (May minamahal)
1994 – Gabby Concepcion
1995 – Richard Gomez (Dahas)
1996 – no winner
1997 – Christopher De Leon (Nasaan Ang Puso?)
1998 – Cesar Montano (Jose Rizal)
1999 – Christopher de Leon (Bulaklak ng Maynila)
2000 – Johnny Delgado (Tanging Yaman)
2001 – Cesar Montano {Bagong Buwan}
2002 – Eddie Garcia (Mano Po)
2003 – Eric Quizon (Crying Ladies)
2004 – Christopher de Leon (Mano Po 3: My Love)
2005 – Marvin Agustin (Kutob)
2006 – Cesar Montano (Ligalig)
2007 – Jinggoy Estrada (Katas ng Saudi)
2008 – Christopher de Leon (Magkaibigan)

Aside from Christopher de Leon, also in the running for Best Actor in MMFF this year are Dolphy (Nobody Nobody but Juan), Bong Revilla, Jr. (Ang Panday), Gabby Concepcion (I Love You, Goodbye), Vic Sotto (Ang Darling Kong Aswang) and Dennis Trillo (Mano Po 6).


MMFF Best Picture Winners from 1975 to 2008

metro manila film festival
The Metro Manila Film Festival is now on its 35th year. Before the announcement of this year’s Best Picture, let’s look at the previous winners for the last 34 years.

MMFF Best Picture Winners from 1975 to 2008

1975 – Diligin Mo ng Hamog ang Uhaw na Lupa
1976 – Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?
1977 – Burlesk Queen
1978 – Atsay
1979 – Kasal-kasalan, Bahay-bahayan tied with Ina Ka ng Anak Mo
1980 – Taga sa Panahon
1981 – Kisapmata
1982 – Himala
1983 – Karnal
1984 – Bulaklak ng City Jail
1985 – Paradise Inn
1986 – Halimaw sa Banga (only the 3rd Best Picture was announced)
1987 – Olongapo, The Great American Dream
1988 – Patrolman
1989 – Imortal
1990 – Andrea, Paano ba ang Maging Isang Ina?
1991 – Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M.
1992 – Andres Manambit: Angkan ng Matatapang
1993 – Kung Mawawala Ka Pa
1994 – not awarded
1995 – Muling Umawit Ang Puso
1996 – Magic Temple
1997 – Nasaan ang Puso
1998 – Jose Rizal
1999 – Muro Ami
2000 – Tanging Yaman
2001 – Yamashita: The Tiger’s Treasure
2002 – Mano Po
2003 – Crying Ladies
2004 – Mano Po 3: My Love
2005 – Blue Moon
2006 – Enteng Kabisote 3: The Legend Goes On and On and On
2007 – Resiklo
2008 – Baler

In the past 34 years, it was only in 1994 that there was no Best Picture winner. It’s also interesting to note that in 2006, Enteng Kabisote 3 won Best Picture award besting the well-made Star Cinema comedy Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo. It’s just one of the most controversial years in the history of the filmfest.

This year, the Best Picture award is being contested by three films: Regal’ Mano Po 6, Star Cinema’s I Love You Goodbye and GMA/Imus Productions’ Ang Panday. But since Mano Po 6 was the only entry which got an “A” rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board for production excellence, then the Sharon Cuneta-starrer is the most likely to win the Best Picture award.

Among the 7 entries this year, which movie do you think will win the MMFF Best Picture?

And among the winning films from 1975 to 2008, which entry do you think was the Best Picture of all time?


‘Ang Panday’ is MMFF’s First Day Topgrosser (UPDATED)

The National Cinema Association of the Philippines named 5 movies figuring well at the box-office on the first day of Metro Manila Film Festival.

The National Cinema Association of the Philippines (NCAP) revealed the ranking of the Top 5 films leading at the box-office race of the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival. In ranking order, these films are:

1. Ang Panday
2. Ang Darling Kong Aswang
3. Shake, Rattle & Roll XI
4. Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love
5. I Love You, Goodbye

According to reports, Bong Revilla’s Ang Panday is breaking all records in MMFF opening day history. This is good news for GMA Films and Imus Productions as their movie is considered the top-budgeted among the 7 entries.

Nobody, Nobody but Juan is in far sixth and even farther was Wapakman. The Manny Pacquiao movie was not shown in some SM Cinemas yesterday because of technical problems.

Meanwhile, Startalk reported yesterday the official 1st Day MMFF gross. The first, second, third and last positions were similar to the ranking estimates of the NCAP while the 4th to 6th positions were different.

Official 1st Day MMFF Gross:

1. Ang Panday – P16.9M
2. Ang Darling Kong Aswang – P16.7M
3. Shake, Rattle and Roll XI – P16.2M
4. I Love You, Goodbye – P11.7M
5. Nobody Nobody But Juan – P8M
6. Mano Po 6 – P6.9M
7. Wapakman – P750,000.00


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 MMFF – ‘I Love You, Goodbye’ Movie Trailer

Star Cinema has released the trailer for their MMFF entry “I Love You, Goodbye.”

The romantic drama is helmed by Tanging Yaman director, Laurice Guillen. Starring Angelica Panganiban, Derek Ramsay, Gabby Concepcion and Kim Chiu in her first character role.

“I Love You, Goodbye” opens nationwide on Christmas Day.


Ruffa Gutierrez, Cristine Reyes, Eugene Domingo & Jennylyn Mercado to Star in ‘Working Girls 2010′

Philippine Movie Portal
Viva Films is bringing back the sexy comedy film in the 80’s – Working Girls!

Reprising their original roles in the iconic film are Carmi Martin, Rio Locsin, Ma. Isabel Lopez and Gina Pareño. Although Hilda Koronel and Baby Delgado are not returning in the said sequel, new characters will be introduced. The new working girls are Ruffa Gutierrez, Eula Valdez, Eugene Domingo, Cristine Reyes and Jennylyn Mercado.

To be helmed by Jose Javier Reyes, Working Girls 2010 is definitely one of the most exciting local movies to hit theaters next year.

Source: Showbiz News Ngayon

Site source:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

‘Sanglaan’ Wins 2 Awards at Lyon Filmfest in France

Philippine Movie Portal
The Cinemalaya 2009 finalist, Sanglaan, is the latest Filipino film to win awards overseas.

Milo Sogueco’s first full-length film, Sanglaan (The Pawnshop) received two awards at the 15th Lyon Film Festival
held last Nov. 3 to 8 in Lyon, France.

The film, which stars Tessie Tomas, Ina Feleo and Joem Bascon won silver in the New Asian Cinema and the bronze Grand Prix du Public audience award.

Earlier this year, Sanglaan won the Best Actress award for Ina Feleo and Best Supporting Actress for Tessie Tomas in the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival which was held at the CCP.

Sanglaan captures stories of five people conflicted with matters of life. A middle-aged woman is troubled by aging. A girl is deeply in love with her high school crush while a security guard becomes a husband to a sick wife. Also featured in the film are similarly interesting characters of a seaman and a loan shark.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ang Tanging Pamilya

The grand trailer premiere of the highly-anticipated Star Cinema movie, Ang Tanging Pamilya, starring Ai Ai delas Alas and former President Joseph Estrada was released minutes ago before ASAP’09.

Directed by Wenn Deramas, Ang Tanging Pamilya boasts of a once in a lifetime
love team – the comedy queen Ai Ai delas Alas and the former Philippine president Joseph Estrada.

It will also reunite the kilig love team of Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby.

And introducing in the movie is no less than Manny Pacquiao’s mom, Aling Dionesia Pacquiao!

Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry-Go-Round) hits theaters on November 11, 2009.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Wapakman Movie Trailer

Manny Pacquiao is the lead character, an ordinary man who developed super powers. The sexy comedienne Ruffa Mae Quinto is the new leading lady of Manny Pacquiao for the movie WAPAKMAN. Nicole Scherzinger, THE lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, was supposedly the one who will be the leading lady of Manny Pacquiao, but was replaced by Ruffa Mae Quinto instead because of conflict of schedule. WWE David Michael Bautista most known as BATISTA, would be the villain in this film.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cristine Reyes and Richard Gutierrez Make It to the New York Times

The story on how Richard Gutierrez saved the stranded Cristine Reyes hits CNN, Fox News and The New York Times.

After the news that Cristine Reyes was stranded on top of the roof of her house in Provident Village in Marikina City, her leading man Richard Gutierrez came to the rescue. Richard borrowed a speedboat and navigated the flooded area of Provident Village to look for Cristine.

The true-to-life suspense thriller story made it to major news network in the US and top broadsheet like The New York Times. Here’s an excerpt of the report entitled “Filipino Actor Saves Real-Life Damsel in Distress”:

A popular Philippine actress
cried out for help from a rooftop as a tropical storm roared and floodwaters rose menacingly. Then an actor emerged from nowhere on a speedboat and swept her to safety.

A romantic scene from a movie?

No, it was the real-life travails of young actress Christine Reyes. Her rescue by movie and TV heartthrob Richard Gutierrez as Tropical Storm Ketsana raged across the northern Philippines was one of the happier moments of last weekend’s disaster that left at least 140 dead and tens of thousands homeless.

The day after the incident, a malicious text message proliferated saying that the rescue story was only a “gimmick” to promote the upcoming Yam Laranas movie which is topbilled by Richard Gutierrez and Cristine Reyes.

Richard denied that his rescure effort is only a gimmick:

“I feel sad that there are negative-minded people na gumagawa ng mga maling kuwento. Do you think I, or anybody for that matter, would risk my life negotiating the dark, flooded area at 1 o’clock in the morning para lang mag-gimik?”

Cristine also denied the malicious text message:

“Do you think I would be that crazy to stay on the roof for 12 hours with my mom and my two pamangkin para lang gumawa ng gimmick?”

The Richard-Cristine starrer “Patient X” is showing in theaters later this month.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Heart Evangelista Wins FAMAS Best Actress

Heart Evangelista has just won Best Actress in the 57th FAMAS Awards for her portrayal of a teacher in the indie film “Ay Ayeng.”

Heart bested the megastar Sharon Cuneta (Caregiver), Judy Ann Santos (Ploning), Dawn Zulueta (Magkaibigan), Melissa Mendez (Kalakal) and Anne Curtis (Baler).

Here is the (partial) list of winners for the 57th FAMAS Awards:

Best Picture:

Best Actress:
Heart Evangelista (Ay Ayeng)

Best Actor:
Allen Dizon (Paupahan)

Best Supporting Actress:
Snooky Serna (Paupahan)

Best Supporting Actor:
German Moreno (Paupahan)

Best Child Actress:
Jessica Mae Flores (Ay Ayeng)

Best Child Actor:
Dominico Soriano (Ay Ayeng)

Presidential Award:
Carlo J. Caparas and Donna Villa

Circle of Excellence Award:
Gov. Vilma Santos

Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award:
Senator Bong Revilla

German Moreno Achievement Award:
Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson
Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica

Golden Artist Award:
Sarah Geronimo

Posthumous Award:
Roland Dantes


Friday, October 9, 2009

‘Boy’ Stands Out from the Gay-Themed Genre

Boy Poster
“Boy” is not just another gay-themed indie film. It’s hailed by critics as a gem in the genre proliferated by thrash.

From the acclaimed director of “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”, comes a coming-of-age gay movie about a young gay poet who sells his prized comic book and action figure collection to spend a night with a macho dancer.

“Boy” is helmed by Auraeus Solito, acclaimed director of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (2006), and Tuli (2007). Starring Aeious Asin and Aries Pena, the movie is now showing at the Robinson’s IndieSine and other selected cinemas.

SYNOPSIS: One evening, young budding poet (Adam) observes lip-synching drag-queens and dancing rent-boys (macho dancers) in a gay bar. The poet finds himself attracted to Aries, who comes from a poorer part of town. Selling his comic books so as to be able to afford the macho dancer for one night, Adam’s character buys Aries at the bar and brings him home for the New Year.

Sparks fly while celebratory fireworks go off outside the house and the boys forge a fragile connection that neither of them is certain will last. Boy is a coming-of-age tale of a sensitive boy who arrives at his first lesson about love and who learns to grow confidently into his own sexuality.


‘Boylets’ Opens in Selected Cinemas

Crisaldo Vicente Pablo, the director of contoversial skin flicks such as Showboyz, Quicktrip, Duda and Moreno is back with another provocative gay-themed digital film called “Boylets.”

oylets stars newcomers Joeffrey Javier, Charles Delgado, Rusty Adonis and Francis Sienes.

Boylets is about teenage Krys who is from a middle class family and his bunch of out of school friends who pass the time stealing copper electric wires and steel, betting cash in online computer games and doing sexual services to gay patrons. Krys’ best friend Joef is the leader of the pack and he is turning eighteen and is leaving the next day. Krys tries to control Joef’s last day and birthday celebration as he attempts to stop him from his plans. But will Krys be able to stop the guy he likes from leaving?

The film is showing on October 14, 2009 in selected theaters: Robinsons Galleria, Remar-Cubao, Isetann-Recto, and soon to be shown in Cebu and Davao.


100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2009

After 166,139 unique pageviews, 12,903 comments and 23,305 votes per ip address cast in a period of 1 month, here are the complete results of our online poll – 100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2009.

Angel Locsin | Number 1 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2009

For the fourth year in a row, kapamilya star Angel Locsin was voted the fairest in the land. Placing second to the “Only You” star this year is Pop Star Princess and current Box Office Queen Sarah Geronimo. Kapuso hottest property Marian Rivera is no. 3 while kapamilya drama princess and former Pinoy Big Brother winner Kim Chiu ranks 4th. Rounding off this year’s top 5 is mega-daughter and Lovers in Paris star KC Concepcion.

100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2009

In the preliminaries, we received 28,786 unique page views, 2,403 votes and 731 comments posted. In the Top 50 poll we received 72,306 unique pageviews, 14,911 votes and 8,168 comments. In the final 10 poll we received 65,047 unique pageviews, 5,991 votes and 4,004 comments.

New entries in the Top 100 this year are:

* Carla Abellana (#12)
* Maricar Reyes (#19)
* Maricel Soriano (#32)
* Karla Paula Henry (#63)
* Bianca Manalo (#65)
* Agot Isidro (#75)
* Denise Laurel (#77)
* Valerie Weignmann (#81)
* Princess Ryan (#83)
* Bernadette Sembrano (#84)
* Sandra Seifert (#88)
* Bianca Roque (#92)
* Teresa Herrera (#94)
* Jo Ann Bitagcol (#95)
* RR Enriquez (#97)
* Vicky Morales (#98)
* Janna Dominguez (#100)

100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2009

1. Angel Locsin

2. Sarah Geronimo

3. Marian Rivera

4. Kim Chiu

5. KC Concepcion

6. Kristine Hermosa

7. Maja Salvador

8. Cristine Reyes

9. Anne Curtis

10. Erich Gonzalez

11. Toni Gonzaga

12. Carla Abellana

13. Rachelle Ann Go

14. Jennylyn Mercado

15. Melissa Ricks

16. Bea Alonzo

17. Heart Evangelista

18. Kris Bernal

19. Maricar Reyes

20. Rhian Ramos

21. Katrina Halili

22. Empress Schuck

23. Judy Ann Santos

24. Jewel Mische

25. Claudine Barretto

26. Iza Calzado

27. Precious Lara Quigaman

28. Kris Aquino

29. Ruffa Gutierrez

30. Iwa Moto

31. Mariel Rodriguez

32. Maricel Soriano

33. Roxanne Guinoo

34. Angelica Panganiban

35. Lucy Torres-Gomez

36. Regine Angeles

37. Iya Villania

38. Valerie Concepcion

39. Alessandra de Rossi

40. Shaina Magdayao

41. Karylle

42. Kaye Abad

43. Dawn Zulueta

44. Bangs Garcia

45. Megan Young

46. Nikki Gil

47. Dimples Romana

48. Nadine Samonte

49. Bianca Gonzalez

50. Glaiza de Castro

51. Pauleen Luna

52. Mirriam Quiambao

53. Regine Velasquez

54. Gretchen Barretto

55. Sheena Halili

56. Carlene Aguilar

57. Alex Gonzaga

58. Jackie Rice

59. Isabel Oli

60. Lea Salonga

61. Yasmien Kurdi

62. Charlene Gonzalez

63. Karla Paula Henry

64. Jodi Sta. Maria

65. Bianca Manalo

66. Ehra Madrigal

67. Angel Aquino

68. Maxene Magalona

69. Carmina Villaroel

70. Yeng Constantino

71. Bianca King

72. Phoemela Barranda

73. Jennica Garcia

74. Diana Zubiri

75. Agot Isidro

76. Georgina Wilson

77. Denise Laurel

78. Donita Rose

79. Rica Peralejo

80. Kyla

81. Valerie Weignmann

82. Francine Prieto

83. Princess Ryan

84. Bernadette Sembrano

85. Bubbles Paraiso

86. Amanda Griffin

87. Maggie Wilson

88. Sandra Seifert

89. Rufa Mae Quinto

90. Jean Garcia

91. Sarah Meier

92. Bianca Roque

93. Pia Guanio

94. Teresa Herrera

95. Jo Ann Bitagcol

96. Krista Ranillo

97. RR Enriquez

98. Vicky Morales

99. Wendy Valdez

100. Janna Dominguez


Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Ded Na Si Lolo" is RP's Entry to 2010 Oscars

The indie film “Ded Na Si Lolo” was chosen by the Film Academy of the Philippines to be the country’s entry to the 82nd Oscar Awards in 2010.

The dramedy movie is produced by APT Entertainment and was directed by Soxie Topacio. Starring in the movie are BJ Forbes, Elizabeth Oropesa, Gina Alajar, Roderick Paulate, Manilyn Reynes, Rainier Castillo, and Dick Israel.

Ded Na Si Lolo received a grade of “A” when it was shown in limited theaters last May.

It bested 11 other films contending for the right to represent the Philippines in the 2010 Oscars. Other films which were considered were:

Pitik Bulag (ALV Entertainment)
The Last Viewing (Davis Entertainment)
Kamoteng Kahoy (APT Entertainment)
Concerto (Solito Arts Productions and Seiko Films)
Baler (Viva Films)
Jay (Pasion para Pelikula Productions)
Bente (APT Enterainment)
100 (Martinez-Rivera Films)

Completing the list of 12 are Lola (Centerstage productions); Manila (MJM Productions and Bicycle Pictures); and Adela (Bicycle Pictures).

The FAP Oscar Committee is composed of the ff:

Eddie Romero – National Artist for Film
Robert Arevalo – Veteran actor and director
Jose Carreon – Directors’ Guild of the Philippines
Johnny Delgado – Actors Workshop Foundation
William Mayo – Philippine Motion Picture Directors Association
Manny Morfe – Production Designers Guild of the Philippines
Jess Navarro – United Film Editors’ Guild of the Philippines
Elwood Perez – PMPDA


PATIENT X Official Trailer

Friday, September 25, 2009

‘In My Life’ Hits P80 Million On Its 1st Week

After raking P20 million on its first day, the Star Cinema movie “In My Life” had a first week gross of P80 million.

When it was reported that “In My Life” had a first day gross of P20 million, expectations started to pour in that this film could be the second Filipino movie to surpass the P200 million benchmark after “You Changed My Life.” The John Lloyd-Sarah monster hit movie last February had a first day gross of P18 million and it became the first Filipino film to surpass the P200 million mark at the box-office.

And now reports came that the Vilma Santos comeback movie has now earned P80 million on its first week run. P80 million for 7 days is a remarkable achievement already but it’s not enough for the film to go as far as P200 million.

Ai Ai delas Alas‘ movie “Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” surpassed the P100 million mark on its first week but ended up earning P197 million in its whole run. So the forecast for “In My Life” to surpass the much coveted P200 million in Philippine Box Office has just got a little bit dimmer.

What happened with You Changed My Life was, it became the talk of the town. People who have seen it on first week delivered the news to those who have not seen it yet that’s why the film is still strong on its second and third week of screening. Not to mention that it received a grade of “A” from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) that enticed moviegoers somehow assuring them that it’s an excellent film.

For the case of “In My Life”, the buzz about the film became weaker although it’s still doing well at the box-office as of this post. But it somehow lost the potential to hit P200 million by virtue of its P80 million haul on its first week.

Maybe the removal of the much hyped, much-awaited and controversial (torrid) kissing scene between John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano hurt the film’s box-office potential a bit. And who could believe that the Cinema Evaluation Board only gave a “B” rating to this film that might have given the perception to movie-goers that it’s not an excellent movie, just a good one.

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‘Kimmy Dora’ Earns P70M+, ‘Yaya and Angelina’ Rakes P6M on First Day

Two local comedy films are delivering smiles at the box-office.

The cast, crew and producers of Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kyeme held a thanksgiving party last September 22 for the success of their movie topbilled by Eugene Domingo. According to reports, the film hits P70 million on its 3rd week.

Spring Films, comprised by Joyce Bernal, Shayne Sarte, Eric Raymundo, and Piolo Pascual spent P20 million in producing the film. Now, it has surpassed the P70 million mark and still showing in selected theaters. This means profit for the producers and a possible sequel.

On the other hand, GMA Films and APT Entertainment are happy with the report that Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie has earned P6 million on its first day. And when they say P6 million, it’s their way of saying “walang padding.” Nevertheless, the characters as popularized by Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid are also doing well at the box-office.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dingdong-Marian VS Bea-John Lloyd in Valentines 2010

Network war is happening once again in the season of the hearts come 2010 with a Dingdong-Marian starrer from GMA and John Lloyd-Bea starrer from Star Cinema.

The network war during Valentines season started in 2005 when GMA Films released “Let the Love Begin” starring Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin, and Star Cinema released “Dreamboy” starring Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo. It happened every year since then.

In 2008, the rival networks did not share the same playdate. GMA Films and Regal’s “My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend” starring Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez was shown in the earlier part of February. Star Cinema’s “My Big Love” starring Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby occupied the later part of February.

The drill continued in the Valentines season this year when GMA Films/Regal released “When I Met U” starring Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion. It was shown on the earlier part of February while Star Cinema released in the latter part of the same month, the box-office smash hit “You Changed My Life” starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.

In 2010, the king of Valentine movies Richard Gutierrez was supposed to have another offering with “Maybe This Time” reuniting him with former girlfriend Anne Curtis. But GMA seems to have another plan. Dingdong Dantes told the media that he and Marian Rivera is doing a romantic movie set for Valentines 2010.

Star Cinema, on the other hand, is also doing a romantic film for Valentines season. Box-office king John Lloyd Cruz will be reunited with Bea Alonzo in the said film.

If plans push through, this could be the scenario come February 2010. So which team are you in?


32nd Gawad Urian – 2009 Winners Announced

Brillante Mendoza’s “Serbis” was the big winner at the 32nd Gawad Urian.

Here is the complete list of nominees and winners (in bold and asterisk) for this year’s Gawad Urian:


Jay (Cinemalaya)
Serbis (Centerstage Productions) *
Hunghong sa Yuta (Brothers of the Sacred Heart Youth Ministry)
Melancholia (Sine Olivia)
Boses (Casa San Miguel)
Imburnal (Cinema One Originals and Creative Programs)
Yanggaw (Cinema One Originals and Creative Programs)


Francis Xavier Pasion (Jay)
Brillante Mendoza (Serbis) *
Arnel Mardoquio (Hunghong sa Yuta)
Lav Diaz (Melancholia)
Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil (Boses)
Sherad Anthony Sanchez (Imburnal)
Richard Somes (Yanggaw)
Tara Illenberger (Brutus)
Adolfo Alix Jr. (Imoral)


Baron Geisler (Jay)
Julian Duque (Boses)
Ronnie Lazaro (Yanggaw) *
Coco Martin (Daybreak)
Paulo Rivero (Daybreak)
Timothy Mabalot (Brutus)
Perry Dizon (Melancholia)
Neil Ryan Sese (Huling Pasada)


Gina Pareño (Serbis)
Jaclyn Jose (Serbis)
Judy Ann Santos (Ploning)
Mylene Dizon (100) *
Angeli Bayani (Melancholia)
Rhea Medina (Brutus)
Boots Anson Roa (Lovebirds)
Anita Linda (Adela)


Coco Martin (Jay) *
Julio Diaz (Serbis)
Yul Servo (Brutus)
Roeder Camanag (Melancholia)
Archie Aleman (Baby Angelo)


Tessie Tomas (100)
Katherine Luna (Imoral)
Tetchie Agbayani (Yanggaw)
Aleera Montalla (Yanggaw) *
Flor Salanga (Jay)
Agot Isidro (Huling Pasada)


Richard Somes and Dwight Gaston (Yanggaw)
Francis Xavier Pasion (Jay) *
Armando Bing Lao and Boots Agbayani Pastor (Serbis)
Lav Diaz (Melancholia)
Arnel Mardoquio (Hunghong sa Yuta)
Froilan Medina and Rody Vera (Boses)


Baby Angelo
Serbis *
Hunghong sa Yuta


Serbis *
Huling Pasada
Hunghong sa Yuta


Jay *
Huling Pasada


Hunghong sa Yuta *


Hunghong sa Yuta
Yanggaw *


Andong by Milo Tolentino


Director Peque Gallaga

The Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino is composed of:

Rolando Tolentino, dean of the UP College of Mass Communication (Head)
Bienvenido Lumbera, National Artist for Literature
Nicanor Tiongson, former artistic director of the CCP and former chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board
Mario Hernando, Sunday Malaya editor and MTRCB member
Miguel Rapatan of the De La Salle University
Butch Francisco, columnist and co-host of Startalk
Lito Zulueta, Inquirer lifestyle editor and professor at the University of Santo Tomas
Benilda Santos, professor at the Ateneo de Manila University
Tito Valiente, professor at the Ateneo de Manila University

The awards night of the 32nd Gawad Urian was held last September 19, 2009 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MMFF 2009 Official Movie Entries List (Metro Manila Film Festival)

Ang Darling Kong Aswang – Teaser

M-zet Productions released the teaser trailer of their Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Ang Darling Kong Aswang” as topbilled by Vic Sotto.

Ritchie D’ Horsie returns to showbiz as Vic Sotto’s sidekick in the movie. Ritchie has been Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon’s sidekick in such comedy films in the 80’s like Goodah, Give Me Five, I Won I Won, Tartan, etc.

Ang Darling Kong Aswang also topbills Dennis Trillo’s former girlfriends Cristine Reyes and Pauleen Luna.

Directed by Tony Reyes, Ang Darling Kong Aswang is set to premiere on Christmas Day.

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‘In My Life’ Receives a Grade of ‘B’ from CEB

The Cinema Evaluation Board has given the Olivia Lamasan movie “In My Life” a fall-out-of-expectation grade of “B”

While the Regal Films horror movie Tarot was given the highest grade of “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) three weeks ago, the highly anticipated Vilma Santos film “In My Life” was only given a “B” rating.

In simple analogy, the CEB thinks “In My Life” is LESS superior than “Tarot.” Or Tarot is a better film than In My Life. What’s happening with the Cinema Evaluation Board?

But of course, we need to watch “In My Life” first to understand why the CEB has given it a lower rating than Tarot. If the critics lambasted the Regal Films horror movie, what would be their take in the ground-breaking Star Cinema film.

In My Life hits the theaters nationwide tomorrow.


Friday, September 11, 2009

"In My Life" - Publicity Photos

Check out the cast pictorial for the Olivia Lamasan movie “In My Life” starring John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano and the star for all seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Love You, Goodbye – Star Cinema

“I Love You, Goodbye.” is the official entry of Star Cinema for the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) directed by Laurice Guillen.

The romantic drama is topbilled by Gabby Concepcion and Angelica Panganiban. They will be supported by Derek Ramsay and Kim Chiu.

“Ito ang third movie ko for the Film Fest. Ngayon lang ako magkakaroon ng movie sa Film Fest na ako ang magiging lead so ibang pressure ang nararamdaman ko lalo,” Panganiban said.

Angelica’s boyfriend in real life, Derek Ramsay, will portray the role of the other man. Kim Chiu, on the other hand, embarks on a more mature role. This is her first movie without Gerald Anderson. She will portray the role of Bettina, Gabby Concepcion’s daughter. Perhaps there’s a slapping scene with her and Angelica.

I Love You, Goodbye is set to premiere on January 1, 2010 as part of Metro Manila Film Festival.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cristine Reyes Replaces Heart Evangelista in ‘Patient X’

Richard Gutierrez has a new leading lady for the upcoming horror film “Patient X” and she’s none other than the sexiest woman in the country!

Heart Evangelista is supposed to be Richard’s leading lady for the role but she can no longer continue to shoot the film, specially the physically demanding scenes, because she got ill.

To meet the screening schedule of the movie this upcoming Halloween, GMA Films and Viva Films replaced Heart with Cristine Reyes.

This is the first time that Richard and Cristine will work together for a same project. Even when Cristine was still a kapuso, she hadn’t had the chance to work with GMA’s top actor. And this is the chance and she’s happy that the producers picked her as replacement.

Patient X is a suspense thriller directed by Yam Laranas (Sigaw, The Echo). It is set to premiere this upcoming Halloween.


Kimmy Dora Gets an ‘A’ Grade from CEB

Getting an “A” from the Cinema Evaluation Board these days is like buying a soda from the nearest sari-sari store, it’s easy. But Kimmy Dora is a film that truly deserves it.

Some films get an “A” from CEB and a thumbs down from the critics. Some films get an “A” from CEB, thumbs up from the critics but ended up “flop” at the box-office.

This time, an indie film with a commercial format like Kimmy Dora, which got an “A” from the CEB and a “thumbs up” from the critics, could potentially be a box-office hit.

From the success of its premiere night at SM Megamall last Tuesday, Kimmy Dora is posed to be the kind of film to conquer all – critics, the government incentive program and the movie-goers. It just need to surpass the P100 million mark and a sequel could not be far behind.

This makes Eugene Domingo as the next big comedy star! Her talent in making people laugh shines throughout the film. Furthermore, she is now being labeled as the “Diamond Comedy Queen”!

According to Eugene, “Flattered ako sa mga sinasabi nila, pero mas importante sa akin, aside sa mga titulo, ay ang kumita ang movie namin. Tulungan naman natin ang producer namin na si Piolo dahil nagsugal siya ng malaki for this project. Si Piolo at ang ilang kaibigan ang dahilan kung bakit may Kimmy Dora at gusto naming i-share ang project na ito sa marami.”

Kimmy Dora is now showing in more than 100 theaters nationwide INCLUDING SM Cinemas.

“…it’s a far better comedy than the mainstream establishment has produced in a long time,” Philbert Dy (Click the City)


Sunday, August 30, 2009

‘And I Love You So’ Earns P36.3M in 2 Weeks, ‘Up’ Tops RP Box Office

The Star Cinema romantic movie “And I Love You So” has grossed P36.3M in Mega Manila’s non-SM cinemas in the period of 2 weeks.

In the weekend screening of August 19 to 23, the Bea Alonzo starrer raked in P10.58 million to place third over-all beating the debut weekend of another Pinoy film Love on Line starring Vic Sotto.

Love on Line (LOL), on the other hand, debuted in 4th place with a Mega Manila box office gross of P10.16 million.

Leading the Philippine box office on the same period was Disney Pixar’s “Up”, which garnered a whopping P46.37 million in Mega Manila alone.

At no. 2 is the 3rd week screening of G.I. Joe with a box-office haul of P21.9 million. The action film’s 3-weeks gross is now a remarkable P140,916,591.70 in Mega Manila theaters alone.

Aliens in the Attic debuted in 5th place with P5.41 million while The Time Traveler’s Wife debuted in 6th place with P5.19 million.

Completing the Top 10 are The Hangover (7th), The Proposal (8th), The Orphan (9th) and the Thai movie Ong Bak 2 (10th).

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has now grossed P357.83 million in 9 weeks. On the other hand, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has now grossed P191.73 million in 6 weeks.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano & John Lloyd Cruz - ‘In My Life’

In My Life is the final title of John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano and Gov. Vilma Santos‘ upcoming movie from Star Cinema.

Formerly known with the working title “A Mother’s Story”, the movie highlights the comeback of the Star for all Seasons in the silver screen. Even before they started shooting the film, it has been controversial because of the report that there will be a lips-to-lips “kissing scene” between John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano who will portray a gay couple.

Vilma plays the overweight Shirley who owns a pet cat named Kiki in “In My Life.” Luis Manzano and Dimples Romana play her son and daughter. John Lloyd Cruz is Luis’ gay lover. She wears a fat suit in the movie, giving her a totally different look from all the movies she had done.

Aside from the movie, ABS-CBN will air a one month television special called “In My Life” prior to the premiere of “In My Life the Movie.” It will feature Vima’s career as a multi-awarded actress, a showbiz icon, a well-loved politician and a loving mother.

The fourth week will feature behind-the-scenes exclusive features on the making of the film and the three-week shoot in New York. It will be the final episode culminating in a live press conference to be held at the Dolphy Theatre.

In My Life is directed by Olive Lamasan and co-written by Raymond Lee and Senedy Que. No playdate is announced as of yet.


Patient X - Teaser Posters

Two teaser posters of the highly-anticipated Yam Laranas horror movie - Patient X - were revealed.

Patient X is an upcoming horror movie from GMA Films and Viva Entertainment starring Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista.

Images courtesy of Yam Laranas.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kimmy Dora - Official Poster and Promotional Photos

Spring Films released the official poster and promotional stills from the upcoming comedy movie “Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kyeme.”

Kimmy Dora is Eugene Domingo’s first starring role on the big screen. Also starring are Dindong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo, Baron Geisler, Meriam Quiambao and Ariel Ureta under the helm of Bb. Joyce Bernal.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Star Cinema’s ‘And I Love You So’ Banned in All SM Cinemas?

Star Cinema’s latest offering “And I Love You So” starring Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay and Sam Milby is now showing in all theaters nationwide EXCEPT SM Cinemas.

The Laurenti Dyogi romantic drama had a very successful premiere night at the Trinoma Mall Cinema in Quezon City last night, August 11, 2009.

In the past, SM Megamall Cinemas (particularly Cinema 9 and 10) were the venue for all Star Cinema movie premiere nights. But why Trinoma Cinema this time?

SM Megamall Cinema 10 was supposedly the venue for the movie’s premiere night as announced by Star Cinema through its multiply site but the site’s content says otherwise (see Google search result below).

Watch the report of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino Tuesday night on Showbiz News Ngayon making it very clear that And I Love You So is opening today in more than 100 theaters nationwide EXCEPT SM Cinemas. They announced the list of theaters where the public can watch the movie and not even 1 SM cinema was mentioned.

The two hosts did not make any comment regarding the matter. When Boy Abunda mentioned “…EXCEPT SM Cinemas”, Kris Aquino could only mutter “Oh, Oh.”

SM Supermall is an avid sponsor of various GMA shows. Their condominium is being endorsed by Darna star Marian Rivera. Is the network war behind this matter?

Star Cinema, on the other hand, said they will release an official statement regarding this matter any time from now.

Here’s the video clip:

Oh My Girl (OMG) Earns P10.3 Million on its 1st Week

The star-studded comedy movie “Oh My Girl” from Regal Films managed to rake-in P10.3 million in Mega Manila on its first week.

Oh My Girl is topbilled by young superstar Judy Ann Santos and Songwriter/Comedian Ogie Alcasid. It was lambasted by critics for poor depiction of an exhausted storyline.

For the weekend of July 29 to August 2, The Proposal leads Philippine box-office with a haul of P22.87 million. Following at no. 2 is the 3rd weekend screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince getting P14.1 million. The 6th Harry Potter Movie already grossed P177.76 million in 3 weeks.

Oh My Girl debuted at no. 3 while the suspense movie Orphan settled for no. 4 with weekend haul of P4.3 million.

(As of August 11, 2009)

1. You Changed My Life - P230.44 million
(Star Cinema and VIVA Films)

2. Bestfriends Forever (BFF) - P107.6 million
(Star Cinema)

3. Tenement 2 - P86.45 million
(Star Cinema)

4. Love Me Again: Land Down Under - P66.8 million
(Star Cinema)

5. When I Met U - P65.7 million
(GMA Films)

6. Sundo - P50.08 million
(GMA Films)

7. Villa Estrella - P47.17 million
(Star Cinema)

8. Status Single - P11.47 million
(VIVA Films)

9. Oh My Girl (OMG) - P10.3 million *
(Regal Films)

10. Ded Na Si Lolo - P6.14 million
(APT Entertainment)


11. Manila - P700,130.64
(Star Cinema)

12. Sumpa - P272,168
(Yellow Media Productions)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

32nd Gawad Urian - 2009 Nominees

The Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino has already released the list of nominees for the 32nd Gawad Urian for excellence in filmmaking.

Once again, Indie films dominate this year’s set of nominations.

Here is the complete list of nominees for this year’s Gawad Urian:

Best Picture

Jay (Cinemalaya)
Serbis (Centerstage Productions)
Hunghong sa Yuta (Brothers of the Sacred Heart Youth Ministry)
Melancholia (Sine Olivia)
Boses (Casa San Miguel)
Imburnal (Cinema One Originals and Creative Programs)
Yanggaw (Cinema One Originals and Creative Programs)

Best Director

Francis Xavier Pasion (Jay)
Brillante Mendoza (Serbis)
Arnel Mardoquio (Hunghong sa Yuta)
Lav Diaz (Melancholia)
Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil (Boses)
Sherad Anthony Sanchez (Imburnal)
Richard Somes (Yanggaw)
Tara Illenberger (Brutus)
Adolfo Alix Jr. (Imoral)

Best Actor

Baron Geisler (Jay)
Julian Duque (Boses)
Ronnie Lazaro (Yanggaw)
Coco Martin (Daybreak)
Paulo Rivero (Daybreak)
Timothy Mabalot (Brutus)
Perry Dizon (Melancholia)
Neil Ryan Sese (Huling Pasada)

Best Actress

Gina Pareño (Serbis)
Jaclyn Jose (Serbis)
Judy Ann Santos (Ploning)
Mylene Dizon (100)
Angeli Bayani (Melancholia)
Rhea Medina (Brutus)
Boots Anson Roa (Lovebirds)
Anita Linda (Adela)

Best Supporting Actor

Coco Martin (Jay)
Julio Diaz (Serbis)
Yul Servo (Brutus)
Roeder Camanag (Melancholia)
Archie Aleman (Baby Angelo)

Best Supporting Actress

Tessie Tomas (100)
Katherine Luna (Imoral)
Tetchie Agbayani (Yanggaw)
Aleera Montalla (Yanggaw)
Flor Salanga (Jay)
Agot Isidro (Huling Pasada)

Best Screenplay

Richard Somes and Dwight Gaston (Yanggaw)
Francis Xavier Pasion (Jay)
Armando Bing Lao and Boots Agbayani Pastor (Serbis)
Lav Diaz (Melancholia)
Arnel Mardoquio (Hunghong sa Yuta)
Froilan Medina and Rody Vera (Boses)

The names of the persons nominated for the technical awards below will be given at a later date.

Best Production Design

Baby Angelo
Hunghong sa Yuta

Best Cinematography

Huling Pasada
Hunghong sa Yuta

Best Editing

Huling Pasada

Best Music

Hunghong sa Yuta

Best Sound

Hunghong sa Yuta

The Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino is composed of:

Rolando Tolentino, dean of the UP College of Mass Communication (Head)
Bienvenido Lumbera, National Artist for Literature
Nicanor Tiongson, former artistic director of the CCP and former chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board
Mario Hernando, Sunday Malaya editor and MTRCB member
Miguel Rapatan of the De La Salle University
Butch Francisco, columnist and co-host of Startalk
Lito Zulueta, Inquirer lifestyle editor and professor at the University of Santo Tomas
Benilda Santos, professor at the Ateneo de Manila University
Tito Valiente, professor at the Ateneo de Manila University

The awards night of the 32nd Gawad Urian is set for September 19 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


11th Cinemanila International Film Festival

The 11th Cinemanila International Film Festival is happening in Bonifacio Global City on October 15 to 25, 2009.

The 11th Annual Cinemanila International Film Festival kicks off a brand new decade in its new home – Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. This year’s festival will once again showcase the best foreign and local films from internationally recognized artists and upcoming talents all over the world.

Aside from parallel competitions for full-length, short and documentary films, there will be distinct exhibitions, tributes, marathon showings, outdoor screenings and other special events. Master Classes, seminars and workshops will also be held during the festival and will cover subjects and issues on independent filmmaking. Directors, producers, critics and actors throughout Asia, Europe and North America will be invited to attend this 11-day event at the Bonifacio Global City.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Piolo’s ‘Manila’ Earns P700K

Distributed by Star Cinema, premiered in Cannes, opened Cinemalaya, great promotions with matching Bench billboards, what went wrong?

Manila is a two-part indie film that features Piolo Pascual, who is also a co-producer for this film, and is helmed by critically acclaimed directors Adolf Alix, Jr. and Raya Martin. The film is inspired by Ishmael Bernal’s 1980 movie Manila By Night and Lino Brocka’s 1979 masterpiece Jaguar.

It had its world premiere at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival in France. It’s also the opening film for the 2009 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. It was distributed by Star Cinema in 17 selected theaters, mostly in Mega Manila. And when it comes to promotion, no less than Bench helped with its billboards.

It’s box-office haul was P700,130.64. It grossed only P200,000 on opening day. Some theaters that averaged as low as P5,000, made it a first day, last day opening.

So what went wrong? Perhaps the film is not commercial enough? Perhaps it only caters to the highly intellectual movie-goers? Or perhaps a black and white movie is perceived “boring” by Pinoys.

It may be a flop at the box-office but come awards night next year, it could be one of the contenders. Quality doesn’t always translate to box-office success, you know, and vice versa. Transformers 2 were a critical flop but it became a monster hit. Boys Don’t Cry and Monster’s Ball were box-office flops but they are Oscar winners.

And as for Piolo, as first time producer, we can only say “charge to experience.” At least he had the courage to make an art film rather than a mediocre comedy like Oh My Girl (I’m really frustrated with this movie).


‘Yanggaw’ and ‘Jay’ are the Best-Reviewed Pinoy Movie of 2009

Indie films Yanggaw and Jay are the top-rating Pinoy films for 2009 so far while When I Met U, Love Me Again, Status Single and Oh My Girl (OMG) are the worst in mainstream.

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, movie critic Philbert Dy of Click the City gives a rating to indie and mainstream Pinoy films based on its quality of production. For the year 2009, around 30 Filipino movies had a regular screening so far. Here is the list of these films with the corresponding rating (mainstream movies are in bold):

Yanggaw - 4.5
Jay - 4.5

Kamoteng Kahoy - 4
Dose - 3.5
You Changed My Life - 3.5
Villa Estrella - 3.5
Ded Na Si Lolo - 3
Manila - 2.5
Bente - 2.5
Sundo - 2.5
Baby Angelo - 2.5
My Fake American Accent - 2
Best Friends Forever (BFF) - 2
Tenement 2 - 2
UPCAT - 1.5
Status Single - 1.5
Padyak - 1.5
When I Met U - 1.5
Love Me Again - 1.5
Litsonero - 1.5
Pasang Krus - 1.5
Fuschia - 1.5
Padre de Pamilya - 1.5
Oh My Girl (OMG) - 1.5
Dalaw - 1
Heavenly Touch - 1
Pitik Bulag - 1
Big Night - 1
Tutok - 1
Sumpa - 1


Love On Line (LOL) Publicity Photos and Full Trailer

Check out some promotional photos and full trailer of the upcoming romantic comedy from OctoArts Films, MZet TV and APT Entertainment, Love on Line (LOL).

Love on Line pairs the comedy prince Vic Sotto with Thai model/veejay Paula Taylor. Also starring are Melissa Ricks, Matt Evans and Jose Manalo.

It will open in cinemas nationwide starting August 19, 2009.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heart Evangelista and Richard Gutierrez to Star in ‘Patient X’

Richard Gutierrez will reunite with Heart Evangelista, this time on the big screen, via the horror movie “Patient X.”

Patient X is a joint project of GMA Films and Viva Films and has a target date of October 28, the Halloween season.

Yam Laranas of The Echo (Sigaw) returns to the country to helm Patient X under a script by Aloy Adlawan.

Carla Abellana to Star in Her 1st Movie ‘Ang Nanay Kong Aswang’

The Rosalinda star is set to be launched on the big screen via the Regal Films movie “Ang Nanay Kong Aswang.”

Rosalinda is now climbing the tv ratings chart and Mother Lily Monteverde is once again “striking while the iron is hot.” Before the month of July ends, the Regal Films matriarch made an agenda to start the shooting of “Ang Nanay Kong Aswang,” Carla Abellana’s launching movie.

Ang Nanay Kong Aswang was supposed to be a project for Ai Ai delas Alas and rising comedienne Eugene Domingo. Both were not able to commit to the project. So the role for the infamous vampire mom is still open. However, the role of the Aswang’s daughter is given to Carla Abellana and the directing job for the said horror-comedy movie is assigned to Joel Lamangan.

Who do you think will be Carla’s mother in the movie? Annabelle Rama perhaps (reprising the monster mom kind of role)?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And I Love You So - Star Cinema

In celebration of Star Cinema’s 16th year anniversary comes an extraordinary story of everlasting love…

And I Love You So is an upcoming romantic drama starring Derek Ramsay, Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo.


Lara (Bea Alonzo), a preschool teacher and owner, is widowed five months after she married her boyfriend of five years, Oliver (Derek Ramsay). Several months after his death, she meets Chris (Sam Milby), a young man also suffering from the loss of his spouse. They become friends and help each other move on. But as their friendship grows, their unmistakable attraction for each other grows.

Also starring Candy Pangilinan, Nikki Gil and Coney Reyes. Directed by Laurenti Dyogi, And I Love You So hits cinemas nationwide on August 12, 2009.

Teaser Link:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wapakman - Teaser

Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao and Fil-Am wresting champion David Batista will face off, not in a boxing or wresting arena, but in a comedy action movie “Wapakman”.

Pacman is starring in the said comedy movie with Batista, and another internationally renowed Filipino-American, Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls.

Batista will play the role of Pacman’s mortal enemy while Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand, will be Pacman’s leading lady in the movie.

According to Pacman, his character in the movie has a superpower, similar to the characters in the hit comedy movie “Kung Fu Hustle”.

He said, “May superpower ako, tapos may mga anak ako. Marami akong anak in that movie.”

About working with Scherzinger, he said “Masaya at karangalan kong makasama ang isang Fil-am na sikat din.”

Wapakman is being helmed by Topel Lee under Solar Films. It is set to hit theaters in December this year.

Video link:

Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said) - Cinemalaya 2009 Finalist

Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said) is the first Filipino film to have a deaf actor in a lead role.

Dinig Sana Kita is a touching love story between a Deaf boy who loves to dance and a troubled rocker girl who abuses her hearing. One lives in the world of solitude and silence, the other in noise and fear. Crossing paths in a Baguio camp that mixes Deaf and hearing kids, both find that they have more in common with each other including a love for music.

The movie is one of the 10 finalists in the 2009 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, which runs from July 17 to 26 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Pasay City.

Starring in the movie are Zoe Sandejas, Robert Seña, Lorenzo Mara, Mica Torre, Adrianna Agcaoili, Cherrie Velarde-Mactal and Romalito Mallari. It is written and directed by Mike Sandejas.

Video Link:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Star Cinema’s 2009 Line-Up

ABS-CBN’s film outfit, Star Cinema, has released their movie line-up for 2009.

Apparently, this line-up was shown during the premiere screening of Land Down Under in the US. Please take note that titles, cast and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.


Love Me Again (Love Down Under)
Starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual


You Changed My Life
(A Very Special Love Part 2)
Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo


(teen horror movie)
Starring Shaina Magdayao, Maja Salvador, Jake Cuenca, Geoff Eigenmann


And I Love You So
Starring Sam Milby, Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay


Starring Bong Revilla and Toni Gonzaga


The Man I Loved
Starring KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual


Starring Maricel Soriano and Mika dela Cruz


A Mother’s Story
Starring Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz


Starring Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach


A Love Affair
Kristine Hermosa, Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo

The following projects have no tentative date and/or working title yet:

1. RPG - first 3-D animated movie
2. Claudine Barretto movie
3. Judy Ann Santos romantic drama movie
4. Angelica Panganiban/Gabby Concepcion movie


Villa Estrella - Star Cinema’s Next Horror Movie

After the box-office success of Sukob, Feng Shui and Tenement 2, Star Cinema is coming out with another scream flick that will deliver chills to moviegoers.

Villa Estrella is another place to avoid but definitely another movie to watch out for. It’s a teen flick horror movie starring Jake Cuenca, Shaina Magdayao, Maja Salvador, Geoff Eigenmann, Liza Lorena and John Estrada. At the helm is Rico Maria Ilarde.

Villa Estrella is a mysterious resort haunted by many spirits seeking justice from people who caused their death. The movie will start with Ana (played by Shaina Magdayao), who always been afflicted with so many bad dreams or nightmares about people being killed. The twist begins when her ex-boyfriend (played by Jake Cuenca) brings her to Villa Estrella for a vacation, where she meets a girl (Maja Salvador) who is very familiar from her dreams. A lot of spirits will haunt them while staying at the resort leading them to a danger they never expected to happen.

The gate of Villa Estrella will open on July 1, 2009.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes and Katrina Halili Sex Scandal

So sad to hear that model Maricar Reyes fall into a trap with this wacko doctor.

Another video scandals are now on demand. Rumors went like wild fire in forest. Videos are now available on public.

Wish that philippine doctor association will sanction this dr. (wac) kho.

Vicky Belo made statements that her lover is now a changed man. What? Are you that dumb enough? My wild guess is: this wackho is making a hostage situation of Vicky. You know, a video of both of them making their love scene and if Belo refuse to welcome him again, it will be on public like the rest of the ex-poor girlfriend of this retarded doctor.

If this indeed is true, be very wise Doc Vicky. Ask your lawyers on how to deal with this predicament. Save yourself.

Download Torrent Here

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Careless Whisper

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