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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pink Halo-Halo – Cinemalaya 2010

cinemalaya, indie, pink halo-halo, trailer
Pink Halo-Halo is an entry in the Director’s Showcase category of the 6th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Pink Halo–Halo shows how war in Mindanao affects a child’s innocence. It is a film by Joselito Altarejos, director of “Ang Lalaki sa Parola”, and starring Allen Dizon, Angeli Bayani, Dexter Doria, Mark Fabillar and Paolo Constantino.

Pink Halo–Halo is the first Philippine movie shot entirely in MasbateƱo language.


Natoy, like any other child, finds joy and excitement in the simplest of things, especially eating halo-halo filled with pink gelatin and red sago. Things change suddenly when, as he is watching television, a news report about the ongoing war in Mindanao shows footage of a badly wounded soldier waiting for rescue . That soldier almost bleeding to death is his father, Corporal Lino Bolante.

That report starts his journey as he and his mother Sonia wait for help that comes too late. As far away as the war, this story does not just show how the war in Mindanao robs a child of his innocence, but also shows the shadows of the wars that Filipino homes confront everyday.

Watch the trailer here:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

‘Here Comes the Bride’ Hits P113.8 M in 4 Weeks

Angelica Panganiban, Ding Dong Dantes, Eugene Domingo, here comes the bride, Marian Rivera, octoarts, Star Cinema, tuesday vargas, You to Me are Everything
Star Cinema’s “Here Comes the Bride” hits P113.8 million in 4 weeks while Regal/GMA Films’ “You to Me are Everything” raked in P102.42 million in 5 weeks.

Topping the local box-office for the weekend period of June 2 to 6 is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time with a second weekend haul of P39.1 million. This is the Disney film’s second week at no. 1 with current total gross of P117.9 million.

Running in second place is Shrek Forever After with 3rd weekend gross of P21.29 million and current total gross of P137.69 million.

The debut of Sex and the City 2 placed third with a haul of P19.83 million. Another debuting film, Killers, place fifth with a weekend gross of P5.58 million. The lowest debuting film is Marmaduke which managed to earn P1.76 million.

(Weekend period of June 2 to 6, 2010)

1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – P39.1 million
2. Shrek Forever After – P21.29 million
3. Sex and the City 2 – P19.83 million
4. Here Comes the Bride – P6.76 million
5. Killers – P5.58 million
6. Robin Hood – P2.98 million
7. Marmaduke – P1.76 million
8. Little Big Soldier – P0.77 million
9. The Last Song – P0.71 million
10. Iron Man 2 – P0.50 million

(As of June 6, 2010)

1. Miss You Like Crazy – P143.25 million
(Star Cinema)

2. Here Comes the Bride – P113.8 million
(Star Cinema, OctoArts Films, Quantum Films)

3. You to Me Are Everything – P102.42 million
(GMA Films, Regal Films)

4. Babe, I Love You – P96.34 million
(Star Cinema, Viva Films)

5. Paano Na Kaya – P82.25 million
(Star Cinema)

6. Working Girls – P32.32 million
(GMA Films, Viva Films)
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