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Friday, January 30, 2009

When I Met U

Will this be the biggest Valentine movie ever? Check out the poster and full trailer after the jump.

Here are the characters of the movie:

Benjie (Richard Gutierrez) - a struggling cargo pilot trapped in relationship with his fiancée Tracy and falls for another woman while on a trip to Palawan.

Jenny (KC Concepcion) - a mall promodizer whose fascination with romance and true love engulfs her in a quandary when she falls in love with Benjie.

Tracy (Iya Villania) - a rich and beautiful pastry chef who uses her beauty and her wealth to manipulate her boyfriend Benjie.

Albert (Alfred Vargas) - a stoic veterinarian who is a control freak; loves Jenny but controls everything about her.

Conching (Cherry Pie Picache) - Jenny’s mother, an elementary teacher who has to earn her keep as the husband is handicapped.

Kardo (Tirso Cruz III) - Jenny’s blind father, who stays home because of his handicap but is privy to Jenny’s feelings for Benjie.

Manny (Chinggoy Alonzo) - Benjie’s father, a compulsive gambler who makes his way into heavy debts and asks Tracy’s help.

Sylvia (Chanda Romero) - Jenny’s favorite aunt, a woman who moves from man to man in her relationships.

Kim (Chariz Solomon) - Jenny’s best friend, another promodizer who becomes Jenny’s confidante.

Tato (Bearwin Meily) - Benjie’s friend and colleague in the office whom Benjie hooks up with Kim.

Cynthia - Manny’s young and sexy lover.

Stella - Albert’s grandmother, his only family left.

Marcus (Mavi Lozano) - Jenny’s younger brother who is in college.

Bernice (Bubbles Paraiso) -Tracy and Albert’s friend who weds in Palawan.

Teddy (Paolo Paraiso) - another friend of Tracy and Albert.

Beatrice - Tracy’s mother who lives in Canada.

When I Met You is directed by Joel Lamangan and will open in cinemas nationwide starting February 11, 2009.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

‘Love Me Again’ 2 Weeks Gross is P53.2 Million

The Star Cinema movie Love Me Again (Land Down Under) starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual has grossed P53.2 million on its 2nd week, similar to the 2-weeks gross of the GMA/Regal movie One True Love.

Last week, Love Me Again topped Philippine Box-Office by raking in P29.48 million beating Hollywood films debuting at the same period like Bride Wars, Changeling and the Haunting of Molly Hartley.

Love Me Again is at the same pace as the movie One True Love last year. The Marian Rivera-Dingdong Dantes movie also registered P53.2 Million on its 2nd week of screening.

For further comparison, let’s check the Hollywood movies that Love Me Again and One True Love have pitted during their screenings.

One True Love succumbed to the Hollywood monster hit movie Twilight which premiered on its second week of running. Twilight hit a whopping P84.6 million at the Philippine Box-Office on the weekend of Nov. 26-30, 2008, the same period One True Love is running on its second week. Quantum of Solace was also running at that time. Please take note that Twilight became the top-grossing Hollywood movie in the Philippines for the whole year of 2008 and the latest James Bond film was one of the Top 10.

Love Me Again, on the other hand, succumbed to another vampire movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. It was also pitted against Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories and Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But the box-office gross of these films, even combined, cannot match the one-week gross of Twilight.

This analysis is for the sake of argument as the two romantic films One True Love and Love Me Again both hit the two-weeks gross P53.2 million using the conversion rate on the time these movies were shown.

Philippine Box Office
(January 21 to 25, 2009)

1. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - P19.58 M
2. Love Me Again - P11.71 M
3. Yes Man - P7.01 M
4. Bedtime Stories - P4.64 M
5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - P4.11 M
6. Bride Wars - P3.15 M
7. Transporter 3 - P2.21 M
8. The Abandoned - P1.23 M
9. The Haunting of Molly Hartley - P1.19 M
10. Changeling - P0.27 M


Joem Bascon & Lovi Poe Star in ‘Walang Hanggang Paalam’

From the makers of critically-acclaimed indie films Selda and Ilusyon comes a poignant love story starring Joem Bascon and Lovi Poe.

Walang Hanggang Paalam is the third movie of tandem filmmakers Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos.

Lovi plays Maria, a 16-year-old liberated teenager who is torn between love for a boy (Joem) and love for a man who is old enough to be her father (Jacky Woo). Joem portrays the boyfriend named Ryan who is longing to devirginize Maria.

Joem and Lovi will be supported by Jacky Woo (also the movie producer), Jake Roxas, Ricardo Cepeda, Rico Barrera, Ai Ittogi and Tetchi Agbayani.

Synopsis: Maria (Lovi Poe) is a 16-year old girl who elopes with her boyfriend Ryan (Joem Bascon) to Baguio. While they are in a hotel in Baguio, they meet a terminally ill tourist (Jacky Woo) who is in Baguio beause it is where he met his ex-wife who is a Filipina. Maria develops a strange relationship with the tourist and she is later torn between the love of Ryan and the older stranger she has just met.

Meanwhile, Maria’s father (Ricardo Cepeda) hires a private detective named Patrick (Jake Roxas) to look for his daughter. Patrick is a homosexual who is learning to deal with the promiscuity of his lover (Rico Barrera).

Walang Hanggang Paalam is set to premiere on February 8, 2009, 8:00 PM at Robinson’s IndieSine. Regular screening is on February 11-18, 2009.

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