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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

‘Yanggaw’ and ‘Jay’ are the Best-Reviewed Pinoy Movie of 2009

Indie films Yanggaw and Jay are the top-rating Pinoy films for 2009 so far while When I Met U, Love Me Again, Status Single and Oh My Girl (OMG) are the worst in mainstream.

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, movie critic Philbert Dy of Click the City gives a rating to indie and mainstream Pinoy films based on its quality of production. For the year 2009, around 30 Filipino movies had a regular screening so far. Here is the list of these films with the corresponding rating (mainstream movies are in bold):

Yanggaw - 4.5
Jay - 4.5

Kamoteng Kahoy - 4
Dose - 3.5
You Changed My Life - 3.5
Villa Estrella - 3.5
Ded Na Si Lolo - 3
Manila - 2.5
Bente - 2.5
Sundo - 2.5
Baby Angelo - 2.5
My Fake American Accent - 2
Best Friends Forever (BFF) - 2
Tenement 2 - 2
UPCAT - 1.5
Status Single - 1.5
Padyak - 1.5
When I Met U - 1.5
Love Me Again - 1.5
Litsonero - 1.5
Pasang Krus - 1.5
Fuschia - 1.5
Padre de Pamilya - 1.5
Oh My Girl (OMG) - 1.5
Dalaw - 1
Heavenly Touch - 1
Pitik Bulag - 1
Big Night - 1
Tutok - 1
Sumpa - 1


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