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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ang Tanging Ina Hits P73.7 M in 4 Days

The Star Cinema MMFF entry “Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” raked in P73.7 million in 4 days. It’s now one of the biggest movie of the year and on track to surpass it’s own record for the all-time top-grossing pinoy movie which is “Ang Tanging Ina.”

The Ai Ai delas Alas movie is now at no. 9 in the list of biggest pinoy movies for 2008. It is expected to surpass the P100 million mark on its first week of screening to be the no. 4 biggest movie of the year come Thursday.

(as of December 28, 2008)

1. Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat - P73.7 M
2. Iskul Bukol… 20 Years After - P57.3 M
3. Shake Rattle and Roll X - P35.4 M
4. Desperadas 2 - P22 M
5. Baler - P18.9 M
6. One Night Only - P4.2 M
7. Dayo - P3.2 M
8. Magkaibigan - P1.4 M


1. A VERY SPECIAL LOVE - P179.23 million
(Star Cinema/Viva Films)

2. CAREGIVER - P139.54 million
(Star Cinema)

3. FOR THE FIRST TIME - P134.7 million
(Star Cinema)

(GMA Films/Regal Films)

5. DOBOL TROBOL GET REDI 2 RAMBOL - P90.51 million
(Octoarts Films)

6. WHEN LOVE BEGINS - P89.38 million
(Star Cinema/Viva Films)

7. MY ONLY U - P79.18 million
(Star Cinema)

8. MAG-INGAT KA SA KULAM - P76.6 million
(Regal Films)

9. ANG TANGING INA N’YONG LAHAT - P73.7 million*
(Star Cinema)

10. MY BIG LOVE - P68 million
(Star Cinema)

11. SUPAHPAPALICIOUS - P66.98 million
(Star Cinema)

12. ONE TRUE LOVE - P62.47 million
(GMA Films/Regal Films)

13. ISKUL BUKOL…20 YEARS AFTER - P57.3 million *

14. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL X - P35.4 million *
(Regal Films)

15. MANAY PO 2: OVERLOAD - P30.4 million
(Regal Films)

16. MY MONSTER MOM - P 29.2 million
(Regal Films)

17. SCAREGIVERS - P 26.07 million
(APT Entertainment)

18. IKAW PA RIN, BONGGA KA BOY! - P 24.66 million
(Viva Films)

19. I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You) - P 23.7 million
(GMA Films)

20. DESPERADAS 2 - P 22 million *
(Regal Films)


Leaving the Top 20 are:

URDUJA - P 11.51 million
(APT Entertainment)

PLONING - P 10.77 million

(Regal Films)

TOROTOT - P 2.13 M
(Viva Films)


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