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Monday, October 20, 2008

“Dayo” Animated Movie Character

From Cutting Edge Productions comes the first Filipino full-length animated feature film in an all digital studio equiped with the latest in animation technology.

“Our vision is to create an original film that would showcase world class Pinoy artistry in content development and animation: from pre-production to post-production, all the way to original music and sound design. With our state of the art technology, what was once an elusive dream is now within our reach.”

Cutting Edge Productions opened their doors to guests, showing us never-before seen raw clips from parts of the movie. I must admit, I sort of had a hard time keeping a solitary tear from rolling off the side of my cheek as the inks began to move with precision along side those goose-bumps-inducing original background music (I’m not even over exaggerating yet). Yes, it’s no secret that I cry while watching animated films, with “Meet the Robinsons” being my last wail-all-you-can fix. It’s thus a welcome relief that they only showed us four snippets.

During the “tour,” we were also made to listen to the movie’s theme song “Lipad,” done by Lea Salonga, and composed especially for this movie. “Lipad” + the “flying scene” = FTMFW!

There’s one other detail that made me bite my lower lip with delight. The director, Robert Quilao, had a visual readied on his monitor to show us how the composting process is done to bring together the separately drawn elements of the film. I wasn’t surprised when I saw them using Adobe After Effects: a powerful tool used by geniuses (saw what I did there?). Right then, an epiphany hit me: done right and with a liberal amount of OC-ness with the final render, this movie could most probably hold a special place in my heart, closing in as second to Titan AE, to be followed by the rest of my anime favorites (even if I’ve already read the entire synopsis).

Still off the “making” video, here are some of the actors portraying the characters in the movie:

Nash Aquas (Bubuy)
Katrina Legaspi (Anna)
Michael V. (Narsi)
Noel Trinidad (Lolo Meong)
Nova Villa (Lola Nita)
Igi Boy Flores (Mark)
John Manalo (Carlo)
Carl John Barrameda (Arvi)
Pokwang (Vicky)
Johnny Delgado (Carpio)
Peque Gallaga (Nano)
Laurice Guillen (Diwata/Bruha)



ericksonx said...

I'm excited about this movie, let see what they've got.

Julievive Empasis said...

hhhmmm nice to hear that filipino can have this kind of animation. nice trailer though... the story is a bit interesting. let's see how good this animated film.

Anonymous said...

galeng! after that 3D animated film naman :D


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