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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Filipinos are known to work hard for their families. We are known to do anything just to send our kids to school, give them a better life, and give them the things we weren't able to have when we were still kids. I guess that's one of the greatest of being a Pinoy, the love for families and special someones.

Filipinos are said to be everywhere. In any part of the world, you can see a Filipino. They are either working or visiting the place. Filipinos are the first Asians to ever set foot on the American continent in 1763 and followed by the Chinese in 1778. In the present day, Filipinos formed the second largest group of Asians in the United Sates, after the Chinese. There are also significant number of Filipinos in many parts of the world such as Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and many more. In Palau and Guam, Filipinos are the second largest group of people and in the Northern Marianas Islands, Filipinos are the largest.

Life of a Filipino overseas is never easy. Most Filipinos abroad worked in different fields, most of them as Nurses and in electronics. Some have house-bound jobs and construction companies.

Recently, a film about the life of a Filipino in United Kingdom hit the big screen. The main role is played by Philippine entertainment industry's Mega Star Sharon Cuneta. She played the role of a Filipina teacher who worked as a caregiver in UK in search for greener pasture for his family. Seems like this is the same story with my professor I told you before.

Can you imagine the feeling of working abroad, caring for other person's children while your own children is living alone in care of another person? That's something that most people do not understand. It's not easy to work abroad while you worry what you're family is doing back home. You take care of other person while you can't even take care of your own family. These are the things many Filipinos sacrificed just to give their family a better life.

You need to go and see the film, an eye opener to many aspirants who wants to become an OFW to work abroad. Caregiver is brought to us by Star Cinema and ABS-CBN Network. It is currently in all Philippine cinemas nationwide. It started last May 28. It also has international premieres in this location and dates.

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